Why ride a fat bike?

No end to MTB season
Fat bikes have wide tires which makes them great for snow. They open up all four seasons to riding, which means the fun never has to stop.

You’ll be able to ride places you never thought possible
Fat bikes give you the opportunity to ride places you couldn’t ride on your regular mountain bike. Whether you’re riding the crust through the backcountry in the winter or on the beach in the summer, a fat bike gives you the ability to ride on different types of terrain to new places.

Different style of riding
Riding a fat bike allows you to practice your skills in a different way. Fat bike geometry is very stable, meaning you can practice skills like cornering with a little more reassurance. Models that are fully rigid or hardtail let you feel feedback from the bike in a more responsive way than if you’re used to riding a full suspension mountain bike.

See the trails at a different time
Even if your favorite singletrack trails convert to groomed snow bike trails – it becomes a different experience. Seeing the trees bare or a snow-covered wonderland puts a new perspective on your most well-loved trail. It also feels different. Biking on a groomed trail is almost like a magic carpet – the smoothest of flow trails.

Diverse winter activities
Even if you’re a skier too – good snow bike conditions and good ski conditions are often not mutually exclusive. First snow conditions are great for biking while it usually takes a couple weeks to get a good base for skiing. Crust days are great for backcountry biking, whereas it’s not often ideal for skiing.

But if you really want to know why you should ride a fat bike – try one! Stop by the shop and demo or rent one for the day. We’re here Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm.