Rule of the Road

Whether you’re out riding for fitness, fun, or transportation it’s important to know your cycling etiquette. Ensure your safety and the safety of those around you with a few simple considerations.

Be predictable: No one feels safe around a car that serves, doesn’t use signals and stops suddenly. Ride how you would drive and communicate to those around you, your intentions.

Obey the law: In most states, bikes are considered vehicles. When riding on the road, always signal, stop at stop signs and obey traffic lights and laws.

Ride to the right: If there’s no shoulder on a two-way street, it’s always safer to stay a couple of feet out into the road. You’ll be visible and force cars behind you to move into the oncoming lane to pass you.

Ride right, except when going left: To make a left turn on the road, move from the right to the middle of the lane or merge into the left-turn lane if there is one. Check over your left shoulder for oncoming traffic and signal left before moving over just like you would in a car.

Stay off the sidewalks: Bad sight lines and people entering/exiting buildings make sidewalks a dangerous place to ride, for you and other pedestrians. If you have to, and the city permits it, ride no faster than 6-8 mph (the average speed of a jogger).

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy a much safer ride. Keep an eye on our blog for other cycling tips or stop in the shop if you’d like the lowdown on apparel, gear, or riding tips from our expert staff.