Fall in Love…with the Outdoors

Make a date, or two, or twenty seven, to get out and exercise! Why?

  1. Exercise improves mood.
  2. Exercise improves your health.
  3. Exercise improves your relationships with others.
  4. Exercise WITH a buddy can help you get a better work out.

In the name of Valentine’s Day, we have to give some attention to points 3 and 4. Having an active “date night” is not just for comfortable life-long partners, or young love. Exercising with friends, and meeting new people through physical activity are excellent motivators and benefits to people of all ages and in all stages of life.

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, start with enabling your loved one to enjoy the outdoors or a sport. Do they have the proper clothing? Does their gear fit? Feet can change shape over time, and no one wants cold, pinched toes in February. If your last pair of socks wore out, check out the Darn Tough Vermont socks we have, which come with a life time guarantee. Wow!

Happy Valentine’s Day. Get outdoors and enjoy it!