How to Stay Active in the Winter

Find a fun winter activity
With the change of seasons, you can try a new activity such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fat biking, skating and more.

Dress for success
The key to making outdoor activities is fun dressing for the weather. For winter, this means a proper layering system. (link to layering blog). The closest layer to your skin should be a wicking layer, one that will move moisture away from your body. Avoid cotton, because once it gets wet, it will stay wet. Layers with merino wool or other warm, moisture-moving materials will be much more effective. Your outermost layer should be both wind and water resistant to keep you dry. However, depending on the activity and the weather you may want something more breathable than a hardshell. For example, for high-energy activities like cross-country skiing or fat biking on a sunshine-rich day, you may opt for a softshell. The softshell will keep light precipitation at bay while also allowing more breathability.

Give yourself time to adjust
While you may feel warm coming back in the house, resist the temptation to remove all your layers right away. Remove some of your outer layers, but give your body some time to adjust. Losing heat too quickly from your body isn’t good and can give you chills you can’t shake. Keep your base layers on until you’ve had some time to adjust and you know how warm you are. Unless of course, your base layers are sweaty or wet. Then remove those layers immediately and put on some warm, dry clothes.

Staying hydrated is important. You’ll need to drink a little more because you’ve been active. Even though you may not feel thirsty because you’re not as warm, your body still needs the fluids. Drink before, during, and after an outdoor workout.

When it’s too cold
Some days it really is just too cold. On those days you may need to take your workout indoors. There are plenty of different things you could try if you can’t stomach a treadmill. Different communities offer workout classes such as kickboxing, yoga, spin classes, etc. Take the opportunity to challenge yourself to try something new. Even if it’s something you normally do, switch up your routine! Try some new yoga poses, go to spin class with a different instructor, find some small way to shake up your routine to help you shake out those winter blues.

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