Dirty Bike? Give the drivetrain a “bath!”

Drivetrain enemies: dirt, water, and anything that keeps those things on your chain or working parts.

Defeat these with: degreaser, and the appropriate type and amount of lubrication. Again, the appropriate amount of lubrication. Always clean off excess lubrication. What is excess? To figure that out, ask yourself: Can I wipe more lube off my chain? If the answer is yes, keep wiping that chain.

If you haven’t done this before, stop in the shop, tell us about your riding habits, and we’ll help you pick out the appropriate lubrication and degreaser, and show you how to use it. If your bike is coated with innumerable rides’ worth of grime, ask if it is time to give your drivetrain the full bath in our parts washer.


Ride clean. Ride happy.